Donald Trump’s Washington Rally Linked to the KKK (3 Pages Of Evidence)

Washington State used to be home to one of the strongest chapters of the Ku Klux Klan between the 1920’s and 1930’s. Even though most of the chapters faded way throughout the 1920’s, Washington’s Bellingham Chapter persisted. So how does this tie back to Trump? Well, the site of one of the largest KKK rallies was in the Lynden District on September 26, 1926. This is the same exact location that Donald Trump is to hold his campaign rally. Over 25,000 people gathered at the North Washington Fairgrounds that day where over 750 Klan members were in attendance.

According to reports, over 160 people were initiated into the Klan that night with the hopes of furthering the spread of their cause. One has to wonder if the Trump campaign knew of the location’s history prior to setting up the rally space or if it was a poorly constructed last minute move that will eventually come back to bite Trump in the political rump.

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